Atkins Diet Food List

The Atkins diet started a revolution in the way that people both go on diets, and how they look at carbohydrates. There are a huge variety diets in the world that claim to help people attain a slim body but it seems that few people have been able to reach their goal weight and maintain it.

When the Atkins diet was introduced, this changed and people who tried the diet program quickly noticed that their body shape was changing. To make sure that dieters understood which foods they could eat, and which "bad" foods were to be avoided, an Atkins Diet food list was provided.

Using the Atkins Diet food list, you can identify which foods you shouldn't eat while you're in the first stage, the Induction phase, of the Atkins diet. During Induction, you teach your body to burn existing stores of fat, and that's how you'll lose weight. While you may be concerned that there's too few foods on the list that you can eat, once you start perusing the available choices, you'll see that there's a good variety to choose from.

An Atkins diet food list will show you that during the initial phase, you can eat fish, poultry, eggs and meat. Though Atkins says that you can eat these in unlimited quantities, keep in mind that you still need to consume only a reasonable amount of calories. Also, you should avoid processed meats as, along with other chemicals and fillers, they contain sugar.

Surprisingly, cheese is an allowed food on the Atkins diet. The cheeses that are listed on the Atkins diet food list include full-fat, firm, soft and semi-soft cheeses. You can also enjoy aged cheeses, like cheddar, and sheep or goat cheese in addition to cow-milk-based products.

Gouda, Mozzarella, Roquefort and Swiss cheeses, as well as the many blue cheese variations are all listed as available choices on an Atkins diet food list.

By keeping this food list at hand during your diet, you'll find it easier to make the right food choices. Trying new and inventive ways to cook the foods that are part of the Atkins diet plan will be great fun, as you learn to eliminate high-carbohydrate foods from your diet.

Should you fall off the wagon during the course of your diet, it's easy to get back on. Use your Atkins diet food list to get you back on track, and making appropriate food choices. By sticking with the plan, you'll ensure that your diet is effective and you meet your weight loss goals.