Atkins Diet Free Plan

While you may not completely understand what's involved in the Atkins diet, and whether it will help you drop two or three dress sizes from the size 12 you are now, you've likely heard of the plan.

Before you get too bogged down in the details of the regimen, and any sacrifices needed for the results others have achieved, why not review a free Atkins diet plan?

Not surprisingly, the Internet is a great resource for free plan information on the Atkins diet. By checking out the specifics available online, you may be better able to decide whether the Atkins diet is right for you, and if not, you're in the right place to find information on a variety of other diet plans.

A free Atkins diet plan will include information on the types of foods that are allowed during each phase (there are four), as well as the foods that you'll have to say goodbye to for as long as you continue with the plan.

Because the Atkins diet is essentially a very low carb diet, there are quite a few foods that are forbidden.

As part of the Atkins diet plan, you'll be able to include low carbohydrate vegetables, and meat and dairy products, while avoiding high carb foods like grains (bread, pizza dough, pastry, etc.), fruits and pasta.

Even though you need to stick to these restrictions, you'll likely find there is enough variety and foods you like eat to be able to enjoy your meals, and not feel too deprived. As long as you can keep within the allotted carbohydrate amounts (30-60 grams, depending on the phase), you can adjust your day's meals as needed.

Beverages are another habit that you might find you need to adjust as part of an Atkins diet plan. While you can drink as much water as needed, you'll need to watch the fruit juices -- the sugar in them can rapidly increase your carb intake. You'll also need to avoid any drinks with either alcohol or caffeine in them. Decaf coffee or tea is okay, but you'll still need to watch the added sugar, and probably skip it altogether, or replace with no-cal sweetener.

By reviewing free Atkins diet plans, you'll be able to get a better sense of what being on the Atkins diet will mean for you, and how it will impact your lifestyle. And you'll be better equipped to decide if Atkins is the right first step on your weight loss journey.