Atkins Diet Recipes

So you are going to start with the Atkins diet.

If you're like many, you aren't sure whether this will be the last diet you go on, but you're willing to try.

After all, every other diet you've attempted has been unsuccessful, and you're about ready to give up on the whole dieting thing.

Of course, you've thought that before, and yet here you are, trying another diet.

This time, though, you're hoping that with the help of some tasty Atkins diet recipes, you'll be able to fight your yo-yo dieting cycle, armed with excellent food choices.

You're full of excitement, and thinking about buying a cute little black dress you've had your eye on for a while. You decide not to buy it yet -- no need to jinx your dieting efforts, but you're feeling confident that with the help of Atkins and some diet-friendly recipes, it shouldn't be too long before you can make your purchase.

Unfortunately, as soon as you sit down in the kitchen and start perusing the lists of "allowed" and "denied" foods, you begin to wonder what you were thinking. Many of the recipes, now that you're looking at them again, sound difficult to cook, and less appealing than you originally thought they were.

By the time you get home and sit in your kitchen going through the lists of food you’re allowed to eat you’re wondering what you got yourself into. Most of these food items you have absolutely no idea of how you’re going to cook, and besides they don’t sound half as appealing as Joe’s pizza from around the corner.

Just as despair begins to hit you, and the hope for your new dress starts to fade, you remember your list of Atkins diet recipes. You get your recipe lists out, and begin to feel alot better. Now that you see the allowed foods as part of an overall meal plan, you can see that they're much more appetizing, and fairly easy to cook.

Now you're really ready to get started. The first thing you do is create a list of the ingredients you'll need to prepare a few of the Atkins diet recipes.

Then, you start going through all your cupboards, removing all of the high-carbohydrate foods that will tempt you during you diet, and either throw them out, or donate them to the local food bank. After all, if you're going on the Atkins diet, so is the whole family!

Next, you head to the supermarket, and fill your cart with the ingredients you'll need for the Atkins recipes you've selected. With your purchases made, you head home, but on the way, you drive by the dress shop, and tell the little black dress in the window that it'll be coming home with you soon enough.