Good Carbohydrates

While many of us are so desperate to lose weight that we blindly follow anything our chosen diet tells us to do, we may be unintentionally jeopardizing our health.

The best way to sensibly lose weight is to use your common sense, and have an understanding of the types of food that are good choices.

Some of these good food choices include carbohydrates. These healthy carbohydrates are often referred to as "good carbohydrates".

But how do we know if the diet we've chosen to follow is providing us with the benefits of good carbs? The best way is to take a closer look at the food lists. Evaluate both the allowed foods and the "bad" foods, and you'll have a better sense of whether these diets are helping you to lose weight, or instead are causing your body harm.

When you realize that your body needs foods such as whole grains, and why, you'll better understand the role of good carbohydrates in a healthy diet. Though low-carb and no-carb diets are extremely popular right now, there's no denying that your body functions better when it's suppled with carbohydrate-rich foods. In some cases, you might actually lose more weight by including these foods, than you will by avoiding them.

Many of the processed foods available at your grocery store are rich in calories, preservatives and other chemicals that have been added to improve their flavor and texture.

Choosing instead to eat unprocessed good carbohydrates like whole grains, toasted wheat cereals, brown rice, popcorn and oatmeal, will provide you with energy that lasts far longer.

Remember that, regardless of the diet you choose, you're not only wanting to lose weight, but also to have enough energy to complete your daily tasks. Low carb diets can have the disadvantage of not supplying you with enough energy, causing you to feel tired and sleepy towards the end of the day. Complex carbs can also help you feel full for longer, making it easier to avoid food cravings by naturally suppressing your hunger.

There is a wide variety of good carbohydrates available that you can use to supply your body and brain with the nutrients they need to develop and function properly. Though they're rarely found on the list of "good foods" in low-carb diets, foods like baked potatoes, whole grain pastas, and beans are all great carb choices.

By adding good carb choices, like those mentioned in your diet, you support a healthy body, create lifestyle changes that are more sustainable, and prepare your body to accept the changes you need to implement to experience healthy weight loss, and to keep that weight off for the rest of your life.